Who are we?


Driven to build brilliant fibre networks, we know the best way,
to achieve this is through supporting our people. Building them up
through coaching, training, assessments and of course, feedback.

We grow individual team members to help them achieve
brilliance thorough sharing our knowledge, supporting them in
harnessing their ability throughout their journey. Our people
grow as the network grows too.

We are based in Godstone, RH9. Operating across numerous
locations predominantly in South London, Surrey,
and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Connect homes to the future,
from London to beyond

Our Mission

We’re here because we want to build brilliant fibre
networks. Build careers. Build teams. Build
brilliance. Becoming industry leaders.

A different Kind
of Legacy

We started our life as Love Digital TV with 12 years of SDU and MDU installs for Digital TV. We learnt and grew as part of the SCCi Group of companies before being incorporated into who we are today, Fibre Works UK.

Being a part of the SCCi Group has given us insight into their sectors; Hospitality, Retail, Commercial and Healthcare, to name a few. Their capabilities and expertise encompass delivery of fibre, DOCSIS, Coax, Data / Ethernet, WIFI and converged networks.

Their knowledge of maintaining and installing CCTV, Access Control, Gate and Barriers, Fire and Life Safety and IPTV / Media systems has helped us to grow.

Our wide exposure to the SCCi Group’s work plus our own experience with residential properties and underlying technical infrastructure gives us an unique library of knowledge.

This has empowered us to build brilliant fibre networks from plan, to build and connection.

Our Team

Our teams are the number 1 priority.

Making sure people are both happy and safe, provided with the
right tools to do their role is a must. We’re advocates of homegrown talent,
always aiming to provide opportunity for personal and professional