Cookies Policy

A cookie is a string of information that a web site saves on a visitor’s computer and then the visitor’s browser provides to the web site operator each time the visitor returns to the information collecting web site. When collects cookies or makes use of a browser’s local storage capabilities, they help identify visitors, their usage of the site, and their Web site access preferences. may also use information derived from cookies or local storage to direct the visitor to information similar to what they visited and thereby market products and services by personalizing the experience on the visitor’s web page on’s site. Visitors will be offered the opportunity to control cookie placement. Visitors who do not wish to have any cookies placed on their computers should set their browsers to refuse cookies before using’s web site, with the drawback that certain features of the web site may not function properly without the aid of cookies. Visitors that want to limit third party advertising cookies can enable their browser’s “Do Not Track” functionality.

It must be noted, pages on’s web site will occasionally embed content from third party sites, such as YouTube for videos.’s web site also allows for content to be shared through social networks but only at your request. Embedding and sharing content may result in as cookies being set by those third-party sites. does not control the dissemination of those cookies. Please visit these third-party sites if you wish to learn more about their use of cookies and similar tools.

Please note that the web site is constantly being updated and this list will change over time.